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How can StructuredWeb help your business? By helping you be more effective. We've put together some top ways that you can benefit from StructuredWeb.

1. We make you look good: Your manufacturers spend a lot of time crafting their marketing messages, and it's your job to ensure that it doesn't get lost somewhere in the channel. StructuredWeb helps you communicate those messages and your manufacturers' products to your resellers by providing you with a dynamic, visually enticing web site and professional customer communication.

2. Communicate often, and on-target, with customers:
With fully trackable email marketing campaigns, you'll know exactly who is interested in your products, when they're looking, and which products they are looking at. Use this intelligence to conduct smarter, timelier follow up, and to target ongoing communications with customers.

3. Make your website 'sticky': Don't make prospects keep coming to you for information. Instead, you can keep them at your site with extensive catalog content.  We provide the infrastructure and electronic process to get your manufacturers' latest product info out on your site as soon as it becomes available.

4. Showcase your products for the many ways people work: Set up your website to reflect the way the way your market your manufacturers' product lines. StructuredWeb lets you design your own custom catalogs based on vendor, industry, product type, customer type, and more.

5. Talk to different customers, differently: Different customers have different concerns and different needs. Now you can proactively communicate with each of them through customer portals on your web site. We help you set up special areas for different types of customers 'vertical markets, reseller size, solutions they sell' however you organize your target markets. Plus, tracking features let you respond immediately to web site visits, before your competitors do!

6. We give you the tools to effectively manage your sales and marketing activities: Make it easier to manage campaigns, leads, contacts, activities and opportunities with a CRM system that is customized for the way you do business. With powerful functionality that's easy to use, spend more time selling directly to qualified leads and and less time on administrative tasks.

7. Distinguish yourself from competitors: With so many product options available and so many companies to work with, make sure that you can capture attention and interest for your business. StructuredWeb gives you the ability to make the best presentation of your solutions. A website that is loaded with useful information on your product lines and solutions will ensure that customers come back and stay on your site.

8. Extend reach through online sales: With an online ordering system, you can establish a professional online presence and attract regional and  national accounts. A powerful, yet simple online system gives you the upper hand.

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