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A shopping cart is a good place to store things, but it can't sell products for you. In order to truly capitalize on the power of e-commerce, you need an intelligent, integrated system that can interact with your customers based on their buying habits and needs. With StructuredWeb you can offer highly personal sales and service to your customers through customized online stores, prices, terms, products and shipping options without a lot of hassle. Plus, it's a win-win for you and your customers: you reduce costs by selling online, and your customers get low-cost procurement for the goods and services they need.

What you get-
  • Manage your online sales with a single system
  • Reduce your cost of selling
  • Attract and service larger accounts by extending your reach to major/national accounts, government, school districts, etc.
  • Set up completely customizable stores for specific customers, or types of customers
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