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E-commerce is the great equalizer, enabling smaller companies to move beyond their traditional boundaries to expand their reach and compete with their larger competitors in a cost-effective manner.  
A completely integrated system makes online selling simple.

Enable customers to buy directly from your website through an easily managed online store that always has the latest products. Offer highly personalized sales and service through custom online accounts—they’re easy to set up, yet leave a powerful impression.  Share important information such as business proposals, contracts, industry-specific articles and trends, along with brochures, demos, documentation and more.

What you can do?

  • Managed online store with pre-loaded, updated product catalog info

  • Professional design makes it easy for customers to find products

  • Dynamically add products/customize your store

  • Create as many personal accounts as you need-for every customer, or specific types

  • Allow customers to check order status online

  • Create "favorites" so customers can easily re-order previously purchased items

  • Capture valuable customer data that can be leverage for future sales
According to the ISP Interland's Summer 2005 Small and Medium-sized Business Barometer:
  • 76% of SMBs said they generate "plenty" of leads from their Web sites. 
  • 57% said they made money either directly or via offline purchases influenced by their Web sites.
  • A whopping 82 % of the survey reported that they generate monthly revenue via their Web site when deploying features like online payment forms on their site.
  • Secure online transactions with credit card processing.

  • Link online transactions to your back-end office systems

  • Administer multiple price lists

  • Manage inventory and availability

  • Offer different payment & shipping options.

The good news for e-commerce businesses is that online retail sales are expected to grow from $81 billion in 2005 to $144 billion in 2010, according to a recent study by JupiterResearch.

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