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Imagine a streamlined process where the salesperson always knows the next step, regardless of the type of sale or prospect. One in which vital customer data is on-file and on-hand, organized efficiently to share with everyone in your organization. With StructuredWeb, you can accelerate your sales process and rev up your productivity.  Your sales reps will no longer be bogged down with loads of paper or administrative tasks, taking away from crucial selling time. Forecasts are no longer pulled from thin air, but based on tangible information  real-time, accurate and meaningful reports based on historical trends. StructuredWeb does all that, and more.

  • Comprehensive contact management that allows you to closely track activities, stay on top of hot prospects and increase customer touch points
  • Centralized, hosted solution is available anytime, from anywhere
  • Readily available information can be used to effectively open the lines of communication up and down the supply chain.
  • Improved forecasting, pipeline and opportunity management via completely customizable procedures
  • Identify and focus on best prospects to shorten sales process and improve productivity
  • More standardized procedures and reduced administrative load
  • Leverage intelligence about prospects and clients via an integrated system that enables you to better sell and service your accounts
  • Assess progress throughout the sales cycle to identify bottlenecks
  • Improve performance-evaluate salesperson performance to identify strengths, weaknesses
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"When you factor in the increase in activity that I'm able to generate with StructuredWeb..and the speed in which I'm able to close secondary sales, I predict I'll close 20% more deals this year than I had planned."

--Donna Campbell, Sales Representative, Warehouse Office Furniture

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