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Have you ever executed a marketing campaign only to get disappointing results? Launched a new product or service that you're not sure how to market? If your marketing efforts seem like a series of disjointed activities, or if you're too busy to dedicate resources to a full-circle marketing program, maybe it's time to partner with StructuredWeb. StructuredWeb offers a unique outsourced marketing service that combines marketing strategy, web-based customer communication and creative design services into an integrated marketing program with quantifiable lead generation and tangible sales results.

What you get-
  • Partner with an expert in your industry - one who understands your business and your markets
  • Full service marketing and sales consulting services
  • Integrated marketing programs to produce maximum ROI
  • Marketing strategy and planning consultation
  • Creative services
  • State of the art technology for tracking and measurement analytics
  • Targeted prospect data acquisition
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"Your steady, structured approach to preparing our first campaign resulting in generating a good number of leads we hope to turn to sales in the coming month."

--Steve Finley, President, Business Systems, Inc.

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