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In yourbusiness, you represent many manufacturers' products to a lot of different customers. It takes substantial marketing know-how to identify and develop your opportunities for both new and existing customers. Add to that the complex task of managing information on the numerous product lines you sell.

StructuredWeb can help you effectively market your solutions, while making it easier to communicate with your manufacturers, resellers, and customers in a consistent manner. We combine web applications, creative marketing services, and marketing strategy & planning to help you:

  • Communicate in a professional and focused way with customers,  prospects, and resellers.
  • Generate a regular stream of leads for your sales team
  • Ensure consistent information and branding of your manufacturers' products
  • Automatically update vendor product content on your website
  • Capture better mind share with your resellers and customers 

Plus, your resellers can benefit from the same great features of StructuredWeb by using it to more effectively market to their customers too!

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