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Boost your company's image with a professionally-designed website that has dynamic content, visuals and functionality that are relevant for your customers. Say goodbye to the tedious process of updating catalog content every time one of your vendors makes a change. With StructuredWeb, you can effortlessly build, maintain and display the latest offerings from all your vendors, grouped any way you want - by industry, company size, or business need. A dynamic site will keep customers and prospects coming back again and again, so you can stop using your website as a business card and start using it to drive business results.

What you can do-

  • A professionally designed or enhanced website by individuals with expertise in your industry
  • New or changed product information is automatically updated on your site
  • Extensive portfolio of catalogs from the vendors you sell
  • Get a better picture of how people are interacting with your website
  • Capture prospect and customer data easily
  • Complete integration with the rest of your business processes


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Customer Quote
"We never understood the power of the Web until we decided to move forward with StructuredWeb."

--Carter Taylor, Vice President of Sales, Dakota Business Center

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