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Managed marketing programs help your dealers effectively pursue new business from a list of targeted prospects in their territory. We work with you to take your national and regional campaigns and deliver a fully outsourced, integrated program to your dealers.  Since most dealers don't have the marketing expertise to effectively promote your products, these programs are designed to provide warm prospects for them to successfully pursue, while delivering a cost-effective program that has an achievable break-even point and a positive return on investment.

Your dealers will reap significant benefits from a managed marketing program:

  • Low cost per prospect - 24 professional direct and email marketing campaigns for less than $15 per prospect; dealers will achieve better ROI and generate more leads
  • Frequency of contact - an effective direct marketing approach with multiple messages creates 'top of mind' awareness and helps dealers build your brand
  • Sales force productivity - prospects will already know about your company when dealers make the first call; plus advanced tracking enables them to focus efforts on interested prospects
  • Outsource to experts - with considerable experience in marketing and in your industry, StructuredWeb manages every aspect of the program, enabling your dealers to mine for new business without taking focus from existing clients

Managed Marketing Program Elements

  • Targeted list acquisition and management Market analysis, list acquisition, and an opportunity map is provided along with data management and optional contact verification.
  • Targeted direct and email marketing campaigns A series of 24 visually enticing direct and email marketing campaigns, personalized and trackable for every contact.
  • Marketing campaign tracking and analysis Track calls and clicks to dealer websites for every campaign, with instant email alerts. Advanced tracking technology monitors and reports on prospect behavior, providing real metrics for your dealers.
  • Online product showcase We'll develop an online catalog and showroom for your dealers, and help them manage their price list.
  • Support and training Online sales training will get your dealers up and running as quickly and productively as possible. Once they're ready to go, leads will automatically be distributed to them.
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