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In order to have a smoothly operating channel, it's vital that consistent information flows from your manufacturers straight down to your resellers, and your customers. StructuredWeb can help you represent your manufacturers' products in a professional, consistent manner.

With a powerful combination of software and services that can be used by both you, and your resellers, StructuredWeb provides you with the infrastructure, content, visual online presence, sales process, marketing tools and know-how to effectively market your products successfully.

More than 3,000 clients have chosen StructuredWeb's integrated web and marketing services to simplify and strengthen their sales and marketing efforts.

What we provide:

  • Web-based software and services to help you sell and market the product lines you offer
  • Unlimited training and industry expertise to maximize the use of StructuredWeb
  • Managed marketing programs to support manufacturer campaigns and initiatives

Working with StructuredWeb, you can:

  • Communicate in a professional and focused way with customers,  prospects, and resellers
  • Generate a regular stream of leads for your sales team
  • Establish a professional online image through your website and marketing
  • Guide resellers to your business through effective marketing
  • Collect valuable customer data that will help you serve them better
  • Manage your sales process more efficiently
  • Increase customer retention
  • Accelerate your new business development efforts
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