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How can StructuredWeb help your business? We've put together the top 10 ways that we're helping your peers in the office furniture industry.

1. Your customers judge you by your looks-we make sure you look good: Your business is one in which creativity, style and form are very important. Your customers want to know that they're working with a company that can think creatively and design innovative workspaces to meet their needs. StructuredWeb helps you communicate your abilities through a dynamic, visually enticing web site and professional customer communication.

2. Make your website act as a virtual showroom: Since most customers use the Internet as their primary method for locating products and services, an eye-catching website can act as your showroom, guiding prospects through your offerings in as if they were in your physical showroom. The more visually creative and organized your site, the more confidence youÿ¿ll inspire in your customers. 

3. Make your website "sticky": Don't make your prospects jump through hoops to find information. Rather than sending them off to a vendor's site for more info, you can easily include extensive catalog content on your website - always current, grouped any way you want. With over 40 managed catalogs to choose from, you'll always have the content your customers are looking for.

4. Showcase your products for the way you work: Set up your site to reflect the way you do business. With StructuredWeb, design your own custom catalogs based on industry, product type, customer type, and more. Create your own, or choose from our pre-packaged catalogs to reflect the products you sell at your prices.

5. Share floor plans, design standards with your accounts: The web is a great vehicle for sharing information. With StructuredWeb, you can share a wealth of information with your accounts, floor plans, design standards, 3-D renderings, proposals and more. Make fabric swatches, color choices and other design elements viewable online.

6. Communicate often, and on-target, with your customers: With fully trackable email marketing campaigns, you'll know exactly who's interested in your products, when they're looking, and which products they're looking at. Use this intelligence to conduct smarter, timelier follow up, and to target ongoing communications with your customers.

7. Help your employees sell more furniture, more efficiently: Employee payroll is biggest expense. StructuredWeb helps your employees work as productively as possible, maximize selling opportunities. Extensive sales force automation capabilities ensure that your people and your process are as efficient as they can be.

8. Distinguish your company from the growing competition for office furniture: With so many product options available to office furniture buyers and lots of competition for their business, it's critical to capture a prospect's attention. StructuredWeb can help you do that by enabling you to deliver the best presentation of your company.

9. Break out of your physical territory and extend your reach through online sales: With an online ordering system, you no longer need to limit your business to local companies. Establish a professional online presence and attract regional, even national accounts. A powerful, yet simple online system levels the competition, enabling you to compete with national online retailers.

10. Talk to your different customers, differently: Different customers have different concerns and different needs. Now you can proactively communicate with each of them through customer portals on your web site. Set up special areas for architects, designers, space planners and business professionals. Post tips on space saving, educational pieces on setting up collaborative work environments, the latest in space trends, ergonomic designs and environmentally-friendly products.  Plus, tracking features let you respond immediately to web site visits, before your competitors do!

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